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Upcoming XtTools

These tools are awaiting publishment / coding / fixing / etc.

Uploads Manager

This PHP script enables users to manage user-uploads on their site. An upload page comes with the script too

This script is targeted for XtGem users who has premium account status on XtGem as this script requires PHP support.

This script is a pre-alpha version of the upcoming GreenWap's file manager for the Web

Text to Smileys

This JavaScript is carefully crafted to enable XtGem users have custom smileys accross their sites.

This javascript can be used out-of-the-box by normal XtGem users. The script will use XtForum's smileys images

This javascript does not have an automated generator. Custom smileys requires experienced users to edit the source in order to include custom images.

XtGem Backup Tool

This upcoming tool feature a backup ability of your website. Since XtGem has not yet implement a backup tool, this might be a great workaround.

Tool requires premium account of XtGem. This is because the script itself is PHP. Normal users don't have php support.

Tool is under schedule

Semi-Auto Pagination widget

This widget opens the easiness for phone users to create a pagination element using the XtGem's tags itself.

Widget is under re-inspection and currently unavailable for installation!

- Details about the widget- Details on how to use the widget

We will be creating a useful control panel for webmasters to use. This control panel offers storage for your widgets needs. The new control panel should powers our future widgets that requires intensive storage.

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