What's New at XtGem Know XtGem's updates - even the small ones - in a way explained loong. Psst, this is not the official Xtgem Blog
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It seems you have reached at the right place. Whatsnewat.xtgem.com delivers you all about XtGem's updates in a way explained better and lengthy. Differs from the official XtGem's blog, they do not update posts in regular basis and some minor changes won't be told there -- and that's where this site comes into action!

Start by exploring the blog where it should be containing every possible XtGem update.

What's New at XtGem also offers a number of tips made as per to user requests! They are all listed under the XtTools page.

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Supported by the XtGem staffs!

Whats New at XtGem is supported by the staffs of XtGem! Povilas, the XtGem CTO, praised one of our blog posts. Mindaugas, XtGem "pixel wizard", has notified us about an update. So did Graham, XtGem customer care department, notified us about a new block in the building tool. Without any hesitation, I then write the posts!

XtGem staffs gave What's New at XtGem moral support. Now, it is you who should decide whether this website is trusted or not!

This site was featured!

Our posts are featured! If we post some big entries, the post will eventually featured on XtGem Feeds, which are handpicked by the XtGem staffs. However, some posts are not featured (it is not easy being featured), but this is also a good reason for you to subscribe, so that you won't miss anything from the blog! This blog offers "Fortnight Updates" too, where recent Forum topics are picked and published in such post.

What is XtGem?

If you got here from somewhere and thought what is XtGem, we will explain it for you.

XtGem is mobile site builder, that has various features to make your mobile site a success

Yes, by that XtGem has various great templates for use, widgets for your mobile site, easy building with the building tool (geeks can also use code editors!), automatic page header and footer, and all of that is greatly free! That's just a small list of features! There are a lot more to try! XtGem also has their own programming language, which is XtScript, which have quite similar functions as opposed to PHP.

Head over to XtGem.com  and try it. It would make your "mobile site" dream, a success.

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Donation would be great!

As this product was originally created to power up GreenWap, donations made are straight used for GreenWap's development!

Please visit the donations page if you like to.

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