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Bypass XtGem's Download Page

XtGem by default prepared a hotlink protection feature whereas a file hotlinked by another site, and then a user click such link, will be presented by a simple page notifying that such file is hosted at your site. This thing should not appear when someone is following links from your own website. However possibilities still can happen! Maybe by technical means - for example a browser-specific problem or user-agent problem or proxies or anything other.

This feature is a positive thing to me. But quite annoying when it happens right from your site. This tutorial is suitable for coders. Building tool does not offer a form builder, I mean the HTML <form>. Thus shall you must code by your own hands to get it working.

<form action="the_file_you_want_to_be_downloaded" method="post">
    <input type="submit" value="Download">

The above code snippet should remove the page away. To make things better explained, this simple trick makes a better server information being parsed to XtGem. Immediately notifying that you are indeed on your website and then will no need to show the page. Remember, the download page only appears if a file is linked on an external site. So, if other people linked to your website on other websites and complaint about such page, nothing can really be done. And really, it is a good thing!

Note that this won't work on external websites. For example, if you use the trick above to link to another file at http://anothersite.xtgem.com/music123.mp3 the hotlink protection at that site (anothersite.xtgem.com) will work normally. Please do not be confused with the main intention of this tip!

However, eventhough this trick is quite promising, I cannot guarantee that page will be gone forever - possibilities are still there!

One thing to note though, you cannot ever possibly disable this page. It is a permanent feature, unless the XtGem staffs  remove this thing. But I don't see the good of removing it.

I hope you can finally have your users download your files easily from your website. :)

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Content last updated on:16th May 2014 10:15am GMT

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