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 A new mobile detection script that may change your site's life

Tweaked from a famous script, specially for the XtGem environment by XtWidgets

XtGem has always been a great mobile hosting website. The problem is that, it is a "mobile" designing tool. You should not expect it to have a feature to create a "desktop" site.

BUT, if you're good enough to build a desktop site within XtGem, there are always problems,

"how can i tell users that our site has a desktop version?"

"even if my site is created specifically based off desktop, how can i tell mobile users that i have a mobile version too?"

And probably, you may also be in dilemma in "should I buy the package for just a single php script?"

WORRY NO MORE! XtWidgets proudly announce that one of our lovely members are going to create a historical widget that can actually change someone's site's life (and maybe forever). Intensively requested, there are a lot of mobile webmasters in dire of such function! The script was taken from an online famous script (which means there are many pro php developers handling such script), and maybe you have already knew that ;) To make our coding environment "private", we'll reveal the script name we used when the widget is up and runnning.

How will the widget work?

The widget will work as what it was stated (and coded) to do. However, after some intensive investigations, it seems that we can't automatically redirect in SERVER-SIDE for mobile users to mobile site and vice-versa.


The widget at the first place should be executed before the browser parse the first text of your site. Which is probably <!DOCTYPE>. Since there is no way to change XtGem's source code, this idea needs to be tweaked. Which why we use the client-side redirection.


The power of JavaScript comes into action here. Where we use window.location.assign to initiate a redirect. And also, all child of body element will be hidden, so that a richer redirection experience will occur.

Source of code

Source of code was taken from the GitHub. If any updates were found, widget's source will be updated too. Since the original script is the backbone of this widget and it is licensed as open-souce, this widget will remain free forever whether for commercial, or personal use.

Widget was hosted externally

Because of XtGem's php limitations, we decided this widget should be hosted externally. Be note that we do not hotlink GitHub's source because of some technical issues and must-not-do articles on the internet. Thus, one should keep in mind that now this widget is based on the stability of the home server.

Preview will be posted soon

Be patient, a working script is currently in development. Once it is ready, we will post a preview.

What makes this widget so different?

For an extreme ease of usage, this widget is the one where it should fit your needs.

It won't end here yet

The original source itself offers various features. Since this is just the start, we give you the basic functions for now. Stay tuned for a better one!

Thank you for dropping by.

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