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New Forum Functionality

 A great functionality is coming to XtGem. A new, sleek, forum.

A maybe long-awaited feature from most mobile webmasters is that there will be a new forum for XtGem as stated by Povilas , XtGem CTO. Initially launched as http://forum.xtgem.com  , the page shows off some of the functions that the new forum will give in the near future. I can say that the new forum is great and really works like what it should. Plus, it have the most common features that XtBoard has.

A closed beta was launched by Povilas late this week to some beta testers. The invitation should allow the testers to test the new forum on their site - specifically enabling them to add such forum via the forum builder. A live test can be found at XtGem's Knowledge Base , which is very similar to the original XtGem's forum.

The official forum page, forum.xtgem.com, does not aim to replace XtBoard as stated by Graham. People can still use XtBoard as long as they like. A number of bugs were fixed such as the code bbtag error. To keep on track for the updates, you may want to always look at the forum's posts.

If you have found any bugs you may want to report at the official thread . And please, do not spam XtBoard and the forums :)

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[2014-02-03 17:17] Povilas :

Very well written - thanks for covering the upcoming forum builder!

[2014-02-05 09:11] TechnoSparks :

That happens when you are in dire to write something lengthy :D hehe. Thank you so much!

[2014-02-02 23:29] Junior :

:DD :))


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