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Forum Functionality Released

Some information are sourcing from blog.xtgem.com 


The new forum functionality, presented  by Povilas a while ago, has been released! The new forum feature now allows users to manage and have a great community discussions over the internet. Thus, making webmasters have a friendly bond with their users.

In the old days, XtGem users used the XtWidget's forum widget. Extra older days, they use xtCAT's guestbook by exploiting it as a mini-forum.

Other releases includes a forum catalogue, so that your forum may be listed in it. Thus, increasing your forum's popularity and exposure to other xtGem users. In order to add your forum into the catalogue, just go to http://xtgem.com/forums  and enter your forum's details and URL.

How to use it right away?

  1. As usual, click + to add a new block.
  2. Select "Social".
  3. Select "Discussions / Forum"
  4. Set your preferred settings.

Proper tutorial may be soon created by Graham Warren in XtGem's Knowledge Base 

Features so far

As stated in the last post , the forum have almost all the thing you can find in the official forum . Some extra features include

  • Custom modding by using a twig file
  • You can appoint moderators
  • You can manage users that signed up to your forum
  • Modlog so that you can always see what you and your moderators did changes on your forum.

About requested features

There are a lot of features currently under "request" stage and awaiting approval. A custom css feature, which is widely used in XtBoard may come up someday on this new forum feature. Some css my be submitted at a forum created by Graham Warren . A template is available . Also, current stylesheet of such forum doesn't suit computers and touch phones. Maybe in the near future, a revamped design may pop up as you know, XtGem always listens.

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[2014-04-05 02:52] samhudi :

Melu a :D

[2014-03-29 18:58] Jonijoni :


[2014-03-28 19:10] fadlan adwa :

gan logout gk bisa klo keluar klo mau bikin akun hantu

[2014-03-24 15:43] makmur18 :

metrotogel penipu. witdraw di proses, tapi dans tdk di transfer

[2014-03-25 06:07] TechnoSparks :

Kalau macam itu, sila pergi ke contact rasmi XtGem utk melaporkan website itu.

Sekiranya laporan diambil perhatian, website itu akan ditutup kerana penipuan. Tetapi sebelum anda melalukan sedemikian, pastikan anda telah berkomunikasi dgn pemilik website itu.

Kerjasama anda utk menjayakan XtGem amatlah dihargai :)

[2014-03-22 14:31] malobocraft :

welcome to malobocraft.mw.lt

[2014-03-21 22:39] Warf87 :


[2014-03-19 11:36] riski andi :

lpow rewk

[2014-03-18 03:15] antoniq marcos :


[2014-03-16 11:13] ambyarlabe :

assalamu alaiku

[2014-03-15 01:21] Germano Ximenes :

tanks for to xtgem just give and the opournity for me.


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