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XtGem released 2 new stuffs which is aimed for PC users managing their site


Now you can edit multiple files with tabs in the WEB app. However, you need to immediately save before changing to another tab as value isn't stored.

Text Editor

If you select "Text" block inside the WEB app, you can now use the WYSIWYG editor so you can easily style fonts, add links, etc.
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[2015-01-27 11:39] Gocheetz :

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[2015-01-28 23:16] Gocheetz :

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[2015-01-28 16:44] TechnoSparks :

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[2014-04-18 07:55] walkker4 :

How can i add a form to my xtgem site

[2012-06-25 12:39] Mindaugas :

Nice colors!

[2012-06-25 12:05] Povilas :

I love this site, nice job, TechnoSparks!

[2012-06-25 17:43] TechnoSparks :

Thanks guys! ^^ this site is dedicated for XtGem.. :)


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